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Our Manifesto

A transportive experience. An innuendo to Prohibition days past, hidden behind a nondescript coffee shop. A chance to get dressed up, check yourself at the door, and try out something new.

Here at Bathtub Gin, anything goes. This is where you go to escape reality and become somebody else. Where you watch a burlesque show and get transported to another place and time. Where you bring your friends – and make new ones. With no rules or clocks or curfews, this is where you dare: to start a conversation, to dance, to overshare, to live in the moment and forget the rest. This is a celebration of life at its finest.

Our Story

Created by Brooklyn-born entrepreneur Dave Oz, Bathtub Gin is a Roaring Twenties-inspired speakeasy, named after the homemade alcohol that was watered down in bathtubs during the years of Prohibition.

After opening its doors in 2011 behind Stone Street coffee shop in Chelsea, it quickly grew to become a New York institution, inviting visitors to delve in the glamour of the 1920s with its emblematic decor, live jazz and burlesque, and craft cocktails with a strong gin focus. In December 2021, it opened its Los Angeles outpost as a secret second-floor enclave on Melrose Avenue, inspired by the mystique of 1920’s Hollywood. What happens in the Bathtub (or even outside of it), stays in the Bathtub, by the way.